Hello, I am a developer living in Colorado. I started programming in my tweens/early teens looking to mod video games because it seemed cool to be able to do. I work full time as a software engineer and enjoy learning new things & helping others do the same.


  • L Desk, 2 desktop pc’s, one laptop, 3 operating systems, 3 monitors. I run Mac/Windows/Linux each day so that I can switch to what I need at any point. I have varying levels of memory in each machine but if you are looking for a recommendation, if you don’t know, get 16gb is what i recommend in general. You only need 8 a lot of the time though. Get a quad core cpu with at least 2.5ghz of clock speed.

Frequently asked questions

  • Preferred consumer OS is mac, preferred server OS is ubuntu/some other debian variant.
  • yes i have tried arch linux i am not interested in rolling release binaries.
  • yes i have tried gentoo i am not interested in compiling everything i use from source.
  • no i have not tried nix but it does look interesting.